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SEVEN S.r.l.


Seven Srl located in Merano in Alto Adige is a trading company specializing in renewable energy.

The good old Adam Smith was convinced (we're back in 1776, work entitled "The Wealth of Nations"), the invisible hand of the market was able to meet demand with supply and the price they thus became the direct expression of the balance of the forces themselves.

Unfortunately, the economic history later testified that this argument did not work and a variety of factors should intervene to meet the demand and supply and in particular to determine the price.

Among the players there are here, the "broker", which particularly at this time of increasing market work together with suppliers and customers to find the resources.

With a deep understanding of market dynamics and a direct and privileged relationship with leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and inverters, which allow for a wide range of products, different technologies, large amounts all at favorable terms, Seven Ltd. is able to select the best available materials and guarantee the professionalism of the supplier and is always able to provide the required material at competitive prices.


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